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Moshier Law can take your case to court, but so can many lawyers.  Where we are different is that we strive to empower and educate our clients about their many legal options.  Court is never your only option.  We will actually tell you all of your options – and we offer many options.  Our services include:

(1) Collaborative Law.  Sign a contract with the other party to stay out of court. Your lawyer, their lawyer and any experts will also sign this agreement. Avoid court, avoid judges and stay in control over your outcome. The other side has to agree to collaborative law. If your attorney has not trained to practice collaborative law, ask them for a referral. The cost of collaborative law is significantly lower than litigation.

(2) Mediation. Jennifer Moshier has extensive training to act as a mediator in your family law case. In Arizona, an attorney can draft agreements to submit to the court. In mediation, you stay in control. The mediator cannot make decisions about your legal issues or give you legal advice. The mediator can guide your conversation, help the conversation between two people stay focused and relevant to the issues and maintain a fair “playing field.”

(3) Litigation. Sometimes, your only option is to go to court. We do go to court, but we know the uncertainty, expense and challenge of court. To take your case to court can cost between two and five times more than collaborative law. It is impossible to determine before a case starts, or even while it is happening, how much it will cost to take a case to court. We do everything in our power to spare our clients the stress of an in-court divorce.

Contact us today to learn about litigation, collaborative law, mediation and other options for your legal issue.  We prioritize our existing clients above all else.  We know you are the reason we succeed.  Our clients’ evolving issues keep us sharp, focused and current.

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