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As 2013 comes to a close and 2014 arrives, you and your family may be facing an important turning point.

If you are facing a family crisis that may require legal intervention, please consider Collaborative Law.  With a new year, there is a new way for your family to resolve conflict that will save money, time and uncertainty.

Most people know about mediation, arbitration and of course, about litigation.  But our mission is Collaborative Law Arizona.

You may have heard that family court is where other people have been surprised and disappointed by the outcome.  They went into the process believing one thing, only to learn that something else would really happen.  For most people, that may sound familiar.

Watch this trailer from an upcoming movie coming out in Phoenix this month and learn why perhaps your resources would be better spent in collaborative law, away from a court system that could force you to make impossible choices. Check out our blog post by clicking here.

We do go to court.  It’s just not our first recommendation in many cases.  Call us today or take some time to find out why.

Before you take steps in your legal matter, you need to know all of your options.

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